If your periodontal problems have reached a more advanced stage, you may need to visit Big Creek Family Dentistry for gum disease surgery in Roswell, Georgia. Our dentist can examine your gums to see what treatment would work best for you. To schedule a consultation or gum disease surgery with Dr. Robert Murfree, call Big Creek Family Dentistry at 770-992-3711.

If you have been diagnosed with moderate to severe periodontal disease, conventional scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) treatment may not be enough to resolve the problem. One of the treatments that our dentist may recommend to improve your oral health is periodontal surgery. Also known as pocket reduction or flap surgery, this periodontal treatment involves laying a flap to gain access for proper removal of bacteria and calculus from the roots of your teeth. Because advanced periodontal disease leads to tooth loss along with many systemic conditions, the goal of periodontal surgery is to save your teeth and improve your overall health.

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