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$350 Zoom

90 minute in office whitening

**$300 after mail-in rebate**

$89 New Patient Special

New Patients ONLY
includes Comprehensive Exam
Full Mouth set of X-Rays and regular cleaning.

**If extensive cleaning is required, an additional fee will be charged.**






Comprehensive Dental Care

Serving Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Surrounding Areas

At Big Creek Family Dentistry, we are committed to excellence! We are dedicated to providing the best comprehensive dental care for our patients, in a warm comforting environment.  In our compassionate patient driven practice, we focus on preventative treatment so our patients experience the most comfortable and best dental care available to them.

At Big Creek Family Dentistry, we utilize the most current, least invasive course of treatment, along with state of the art technology. We strive to promote the success of treatment and the comfort of our patients from start to finish. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure our patients feel comfortable and taken care of.  

Our mission is for our patients to have a lifetime of dental health and enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile.  Along with routine dental cleanings and maintenance, we are a comprehensive practice that offers expanded services to care for all of your dental needs on a conservative level.

Our services include:

Let us care for your entire family! We look forward to meeting you. Should you ever need additional information about our practice, we are always available to answer your questions.


Smiles for Life In-House Savings Club

Plans STARTING at $22/month:

2021 Membership Fees & Benefits

What is it? Our own in-house dental plan

Who can use it? For individuals with no dental insurance

Pediatric Package (up to age 13): $22/month (min. savings of $300.00/year)

  • 2 Professional Dental Cleanings per year
  • 1-2 Comprehensive Doctor Exams per year
  • Needed X-rays
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments (Topical Fluoride Varnish) per year
  • 1 Emergency Exam with X-ray per year if needed
  • 20% Off Sealants
  • Free Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) for Dental Treatment
  • 15% Off All Other Dental Treatment

Healthy Package: $32/month (min. savings of $230.00/year)

  • 2 Professional Dental Cleanings per year
  • 1-2 Comprehensive Doctor Exams per year
  • Needed X-rays
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments (Topical Fluoride Varnish) per year
  • 1 Emergency Exam with X-ray per year if needed
  • 20% Off Whitening Services (Custom Trays & Zoom In-House Whitening)
  • 20% Off Preventative Services (Sealants, Fluoride Trays, and Night Guards)
  • Free Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) for Dental Treatment
  • 15% Off All Other Dental Treatment

Payment Options:

  • Pre-Pay: $425 per year
  • Monthly Plan: $100 activation fee covers first month, $32 per month

per person per year

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"As a child I detested going to the dentist..."
As a child I detested going to the dentist. I hated the sound of the drill on teeth and on others in the office. I hated the painful Novocaine shots and the painful scraping of the plague being removed.
When I was old enough to take responsibility for the care of my own teeth, I would actually make an appointment, head towards the dentist office and drive right on by, knowing that i would be charged a "no show" fee. A few years later, my health started to decline, leaving me with several terminal diseases and my teeth began to need medical care from all the drugs I was given to help with the pain chronic pain and inflammation of these diseases.
I humbly went back to my old dentist, only to find that a new and younger "state of the art” dentist had taken over the practice. The entire office had expanded and changed into a cheerful, pleasant and positive place to be in. Every staff member that I had contact with, from the delightful and always smiling receptionist, Danielle, to the assistant dentist who made you feel like he had all the time in the world for you, to the oral hygienist who remembered me and gave me big hugs and lastly to Dr. Robert Murfree who does just about everything that any specialty dentist can do and loves what he does. He is so kind, gentle and compassionate and there was no pain at any time during my long process of getting my teeth fixed.
I felt like I was home at last and at a dentist office! Everyone there was so professional and yet so personal and extremely knowledgeable in all their areas of dentistry. Gone was my fear and the pain associated with my past experiences. I would recommend everyone I know and don't know to try this awesome practice called "Big Creek Family Dentistry. They are also excellent with all ages, especially the elderly and your little ones.
I am now confidently and proudly walking around with my new veneered teeth shining through my continuous smile. I know that all who give this practice a try will walk out feeling the same, with a huge smile and teeth to be proud of.
Blessings and love,Sue H.



Michael M

Took my daughter here today to get a filling and some other preventive work done, and still am blown away even now hours later with the hospitality and care that the whole team showed us as well as Dr. Murphree's expert skills. He knew just how to help my daughter relax and feel comfortable with the procedure and explained everything to her, so she would know. In the end she was all fixed up and I couldn't be happier.



Will P

I called to get an appt since the VA Dental is still shut down. They were able to get me in the same day and take care of all my concerns. Molly was fantastic and Dr. Murfree was awesome. I had a really great experience so I signed up to make them my primary dental provider. Well worth it!



Gail W

I doubt many people have dreaded going to the dentist more than I have. My fear first began with a simple checkup and cleaning. There were always cavities every six months and honestly I had 13 on one checkup and 11 the next six months. I thought everybody sounded like a horse when chewing, with no idea TMJ existed. I began to feel these guys were trying to torture me and I hated silver. While I wore braces four years, cavities were brewing. Shortly after they were removed, a tooth would abscess, then another. Of course, root canals and crowns began which often had to be repeated a couple years later by another dentist. Wisdom teeth were surgically extracted when I was pregnant. In hindsight I should have kept those teeth. And I never questioned why all that gold removed from former crowns wasn't handed back to me. Thankfully, when a new neighbor moved next door,  they suggested I see Dr. Murfree for a bad toothache. Though moaning when I first walked in, upon leaving pain free, I felt this dental group worked like a family and I was already a part of it. I had a thorough work up and consultation with Dr. Murfree on the following visit. He patiently reviewed the pros and cons of possible treatments for my complicated dental situation, my history and films. We discussed the pros and cons of possible treatments which included the subsequent charges. It was plain he would try to financially work with me. I knew he knew what he was doing before any procedures began. And I knew he knew I was a challenge. Not only is he very well educated, professional, and personal, Dr. Murfree is quite a witty friend and dentist. I never ever thought I would feel this way.



Chris S

Great dentist and great staff!  Everyone is so helpful.  Very clean and efficient operation.  I highly recommend!


Michael T

Excellent care, friendly people, clean environment. I have been a patient for several years and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.



Amanda S

I was very anxious about going to have a tooth pulled, and put off my appointment for a long time because of that. I couldn’t have gone to a better dentist. They easily made me feel very welcomed and comfortable, and my experience was …More



Mark D

My wife, Lorraine, had two cracked molars that started to give her pain when we were visiting family in Roswell. Dr. Murfree ensured he could see her ASAP and got her in to assess the teeth and put in two new crowns. Painless and professional. Easy-peasy. Oh, by the way nu wife is terrified of dentists, but she loved Dr. Murfree's care and attention.