Oral sedation is a type of conscious sedation our dentist may recommend for patients who struggle with dental anxiety and phobia. This medication is administered in pill form and will be orally taken before you come in for your appointment. You will remain awake during your treatment and will be able to follow instructions from our dentist. This type of sedation can keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. It is simple to use; you only need to take a pill for a more pleasant dental experience.

If you are interested in this type of sedation, please speak with us today. We will help you decide if oral sedation is right for you! If our dentist and team determine oral sedation will benefit you, you will be prescribed a pill that can ease your anxiety. You will also be given instructions on when to take the pill before your scheduled treatment. You should have someone you trust, a friend or a family member drive you to and from your appointment to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Once you arrive at our office, you should feel relaxed and ready for your appointment! It is likely you will feel drowsy, and it is common to not remember all the details of your treatment.

To learn more about oral sedation and how it can help you, please call us today!